Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Elusive "Hot Dog" Button :P

OOOKAY! So.... Do any of you have those new HI TECH Microwaves? The ones that have the DUMBEST settings. Like "Marshmallow Melting" or "Pizza Reheat" buttons? I mean REALLY? Here lately I've just been slightly amused by all the settings and buttons we have on our microwave. It is just as amusing as my brothers trying to reheat something and "How long do I put this in there for?" I mean REALLY? Is it so hard that you can't just pop it in there for a few minutes? Goodness Gracious! So tonight. I'm making a hot dog for my parents and myself, and I decide to see if we have a hot dog setting. We have a setting for EVERYTHING else. Why not a setting/button for a hot dog? Well... To my surprise there isn't one. So I made this little comment, "Huh. No hot dog setting." Well this was enough to send my dear parents into hysteria. *RollsEyes* It was JUST an observation. :P Anyways. So Dad goes and updates his FB status and makes it sound so stupid. Hhhhh... I lead such a HARD LIFE. ;) Just thought you might enjoy this bit of comic relief. So tell me.... Do you have a Hot Dog Button?????

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  1. hahahaha, very funny Miss Cash! You make a good point, there IS a button for everything else, why not a hot dog button?! I do think it's funny however that there is a Popcorn button and the first and LAST time I ever used it, it burned my Popcorn, so even though it's on there, be careful, be warned hahahaha